Alcohol and Drug Abuse

Teenagers these days are being involved in alcohol and drug abuse. This fact has a great impact on their lives and even their family are greatly affected. This has become a common global issue and many of those who were involved in this problem were not able to survive. Some died through accident while under the influence of alcohol and also drugs. In some cases, it was found out that they committed homicide and suicide as well. Even at a very young age, they experience these things.

Usually, teenagers who are involved in the use of drugs and alcohol consumption were influenced by a group of people who are not afraid of facing the negative consequences. There are some warning signs of alcohol or drug abuse in teenagers which includes low school performance, a delinquent behavior, or a change in group of friends. If these warning signs are observed by the family members, friends, or teachers, they need to quickly seek advice from a guidance counselor or a health professional.

The consumption of alcohol should be in moderation and children should be educated from their childhood  that drinking alcohol, especially if too much will only lead to health problems. In addition, parents should set good examples to their children. It is best to educate the children regarding the negative effects of alcohol and drug use. Numerous lives were ruined because of alcohol and drug abuse. This includes teenagers and adults, males and females. This should be stopped as quickly as possible for their own safety.