WGCADA Warblers Band

From the Welsh Glamorgan Council on Alcohol and Drug Abuse in Swansea, a city in Wales, the band WGCADA (Wobbly) Warblers was formed in 2000. The leader of this band is Keith Morgan. He plays the guitar and even taught the other staffs of the WGCADA council on how to play the instrument. At that time when the band was formed, they had an idea on what kind of songs to learn and play using the guitar. As Christmas was just around the corner, they chose ‘Silent Night’.

This song marked the occasion. And they also decided to do a performance by playing it during their Christmas reunion. They began with rehearsals and prepared a lot for the reunion. Aside from the guitar, the members brought other instruments as the song progressed. They brought instruments such as Bongos, Shakers, Tambourines, and Tenor Horn. They combined these instruments together and had a great concert. It was also a huge success. After the success of the occasion, they decided to continue with the Guitar lessons.

The Warblers had a great fun together as a band. Every year, there are more members who are willing to join the band and do some performances together. The band made a little souvenir to express their thanks and gratitude by creating a disc that contains songs including “Silent Night” in Windows Media Format and another one in Real Player Format. This song is for the Track 1 while for the second track, the song “After the Goldrush” is included. Then for the third track, “Horse with No Name” is included.